Everyone loves dates. Those fun nights out are perfect for helping you relax and reconnect with your partner. For this reason, date nights are actually pretty important, and they become even more so when you’re pregnant.

Of course, date nights aren’t the only important thing; there are a good many others too. For instance, we all know just how important it is to support local businesses. Why not kill two important birds with one stone and make date night a local affair?

These five fabulous date night ideas are 100% local and 100% pregnancy-friendly, meaning you can have a blast while both supporting your local economy and taking good care of your little one.

Grab a Bite — Very few pregnant mamas can pass up an opportunity to fulfill a craving. Fortunately, OKC is home to a wide variety of delicious local cuisine, meaning you can easily find almost any kind of food you might crave.

Wishing for Mexican? Try Ted’s Cafe Escondido! Pizza lovers will appreciate Empire Slice House, and those looking for burgers will definitely enjoy The Garage. Of course, if you’re looking to stick to a healthy pregnancy diet, you might want to try out Coolgreens.

Have Dessert — No local dinner is complete without local dessert, and the OKC metro is home to some pretty tasty desserts you won’t be able to resist.

Everyone knows pregnant mamas crave ice cream, and Roxy’s Ice Cream Social serves up some of the best frozen treats around. Meanwhile, Cuppies and Joe and Sara Sara Cupcakes dish up some delicious cupcake treats, while La Baguette offers incredible pastry options.

Go for a Walk — Eating so much good food is definitely going to leave you feeling pretty heavy. Fight that feeling and give your pregnant body an extra boost of energy by getting some exercise. There are tons of amazing places to take a walk in and around the capital city of Oklahoma.

For instance, the OKC Museum of Art offers some beautiful works to look at during your date night walk. They offer discounted admission on Thursday evenings when they are open until 9pm. Another great walking location with pretty views and nice sidewalks is Lake Hefner Park. Additionally, the Plaza District offers a fun walking experience on the second Friday of every month.

See Something Live — Many native Oklahomans go their entire lives without ever seeing any of the amazing theater performances OKC has to offer. This is very unfortunate because the theatrical talent in this city is absolutely overwhelming.

How about using your date night to appreciate all the talent this city has to offer? Jewel Box Theater, Lyric Theater, Carpenter Square Theater, and City Rep Theater all offer fabulous productions.

…Or on Film — The films at the OKC Museum of Art are another fun entertainment option. Dress up nice and feel artsy as you watch some truly breathtaking films. Best of all, the pieces shown at this museum are almost always thought-provoking, meaning you are left with plenty to talk about at the end of your night.

Of course, these are just a few of the amazing local date night options our city has to offer. Keep your eyes peeled for local events and fun activities, and remember to keep date night local and on the schedule!