Sohayla Samimi

Sohayla Samimi
Birth Doula

Sohayla Samimi is a DONA Certified Doula and Trauma Informed cisgender female (she/her) and LGBTQIA+ ally who is passionate about supporting safety and human rights for birthing families. She believes in going beyond the Golden Rule and rather than “treating others as I want to be treated” she prefers the Platinum Rule “to treat others as THEY want to be treated”.


Our uniqueness is our strength, and it’s through diversity that we expand our compassion and deepen our awareness of strength within the human spirit. Sohayla first became a mother at 15 herself and is a mother of three. She has a deep understanding of the difference one positive connection can make in a person’s life.


In 2009 Sohayla began work as a Direct Support Professional, helping people with differing levels of abilities to not only meet their daily needs and support their independence, but also to understand their rights, and live their lives with safety and dignity. This is where her passion for human rights advocacy was discovered. In 2017 Sohayla joined with New View Healing Solutions, an organization which provides mental health services to Oklahoma families, and free Trauma Informed training to Social Workers, Police, Schools and other local systems of care. Sohayla also served as a “Recovery Specialist” for patients undergoing inpatient care with the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services during this time. This is where she gained invaluable expertise and insight for understanding the natural physical and emotional impacts of trauma, and what helps to holistically heal from the injuries of trauma, and restore balance for body and mind.


Birth is one of the most profoundly impactful experiences a person and their baby will have throughout their entire lifespan. After learning about the role of a Doula Sohayla’s eyes were opened up to a new way to prevent trauma, improve outcomes & support healing for birthing people and their babies, and in 2020 after dreaming of doing something to help Oklahoma families for a very long time she knew that becoming a Doula was her calling. She began training with DONA International and in 2021 began supporting births & improving measured outcomes in some of the most challenging, high intervention environments with Cleveland County Health Department’s Birth Partner’s Program. You can expect Sohayla to use inclusive & respectful language for all people, to help create a safe space, to promote empowerment through evidence based education, information & resources, and provide you with practical tools for healthy coping during pregnancy, labor and beyond creating positive momentum for a healthy transformation into parenthood. A Thrive Mama Collective member since June of 2023, Sohayla is so thrilled for the opportunity to expand her connections, and continue to blossom in her role as a Birth Doula in her community!


Sohayla loves learning about miraculous stories of healing and overcoming. Some of her favorite things include music and art, connecting with animals and nature, and laughing with her loved ones.