If you are expecting a new little one, you may be in the process of considering who to have with you during labor and delivery. After all, a large number of people in the room can easily become overwhelming. At the same time, there are certain people that simply must be present.

This list of people varies slightly from mama to mama, but almost always includes such individuals as their significant other and their main care provider. It will also generally include other birth team members such as a doula, a mother, or a sister. Additionally, more and more women are choosing to include a birth photographer.

Some women have a hard time understanding why anyone would invite someone into their birthing space to take pictures of some of their most private moments. However, most of these mothers don’t truly understand the role and value of a birth photographer.

Because the idea of a birth photographer is so foreign to so many, we have taken it upon ourselves to put together a list of reasons why a person might choose to hire a birth photographer. We hope this list helps more mothers understand the value of having a professional photographer attend this most important of life events.

Capture the Magic

Obviously, a birth photographer is in the room for a very specific purpose: to capture the emotions and memories that flood the space during a birth. Because birth photographers have so much experience with the process of picture-taking during labor and delivery, they are able to fully capture the magic that is in the room during the birth of a new baby.

That said, most birth photographers are nothing if not professional, and are able to position themselves in such a way that they are out of the way and unnoticed while still able to capture the most powerful moments.

Reduce the Fuzz

Often the emotions and hormones that flood a mother’s body during and immediately after the birth of her child tend to make memories fuzzy at best. Time only adds to the fuzz, making some of the most important moments in a woman’s life seem distant and vague. This can be reduced significantly through the use of good photography, which can assist in keeping memories fresh and strong.

See What You Miss

Nobody can be everywhere and see everything, but a birth photographer can get pretty darn close.

A photographer is able to look at a birth from a variety of angles, and while the mother is busy having a baby, she will be able to capture the little things the laboring woman might miss. These could include the emotion in a new partner’s face, the joy in the mother’s eyes when she first holds her little one, and the anticipation in the waiting area.

Let Loved Ones Love You

The people a mother chooses to include in her birthing experience are there to help her through the delivery process. Family members and birth team members simply cannot be expected to capture the entire event through photographs while still being available to the mother. A birth photographer takes this burden out of the hands of the birth team.

Include The Whole Team

Another issue with asking family members or birth team members to photograph the birth is the fact that the photographer will not be included in the images. A birth photographer can ensure the entire birth team is included in her collection of photographs, something that will be precious when a couple is looking back on the experience.

Let It Go

No laboring mother can be expected to concern herself with who is taking pictures and what they are capturing. Unfortunately, family members all too often get wrapped up in the events of the day and forget to take those invaluable photos, leaving the new mama with no images to remember her birth by.

A birth photographer will allow the mother to let go of the responsibility of ensuring pictures are taken so she can focus fully on bringing her baby into the world.

Expect Quality

At the end of the day, little phone cameras in the hands of amateurs can only capture so much. A reputable birth photographer has training, experience, and equipment that ensure she is able to provide her clients with high-quality images every single time. This is something every mother will appreciate, especially as time moves forward and her little baby continues to grow.
There are a great number of reasons mamas everywhere are choosing to bring in birth photographers. If you are on the fence about bringing in a professional to photograph the birth of your little one, we hope the list above will help you make an informed decision.

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