Postpartum doula care in OKC

We have several Postpartum Doulas that help to prepare and support you and your family in the postpartum period in Oklahoma City and surrounding cities. Through different tasks such as assistance with errands, meals, feeding assistance, daytime or overnight baby-care and light housework, we can help families thrive.

What you can expect when hiring a postpartum doula

At Thrive Mama Collective we can create a postpartum doula support package to fit your family’s unique needs. Whether that support is in the hospital, at home, overnight, or during the day – our postpartum doulas are here to support you. Here are some of the most common ways a postpartum doula can offer assistance:

Feeding Support

A doula understands the importance of a strong feeding relationship. She will help mother and baby establish a nighttime feeding routine and encourage good feeding habits.

Chore Assistance

It’s no secret that chores tend to be neglected once a new baby enters the scene. Fortunately, an overnight doula can help a bit by washing bottles, throwing out dirty diapers, and keeping things neat while she is in the home.

Meal Prep

While a doula is certainly not a gourmet chef, she will likely do some light meal prep if needed. This is wonderful because it means the new mother can catch a bit of extra rest while a simple breakfast is being prepared for her.

Mother’s Health

Finally, a postpartum doula considers it her job to look after the health of the new mother. She will help in anyway possible, and will recommend a doctor when necessary.

Baby Care

Obviously, an overnight doula is going to be caring for newborns a lot. Therefore, it is important that she knows how to care for the baby, as well as how to help parents prepare to take over her role when she is gone. Additionally, a postpartum doula knows quite a lot about breastfeeding and is able to help new mamas find their nursing groove.

Physical Postpartum Recovery

When a woman gives birth, her body goes through some enormous changes in a very short amount of time. An overnight doula is well trained on what to expect in those first weeks postpartum, and can help a new mother understand what is happening with her body and when she might want to see a doctor.

Postpartum Mental Health

In addition to physical changes, a new mother’s body also goes through some incredible hormonal, emotional, and mental changes immediately following the birthing experience. All doulas have a solid understanding of these changes and know the signs of postpartum depression in order to provide support and recommend professional help when needed.

The cost of postpartum doula care

Daytime rates for postpartum doula care start at $25 per hour and night time rates start at $32 per hour depending on the contract you choose. We can customize a package to meet your needs and budget. Gift certificates are also available and make excellent gifts for expecting families.

Our Postpartum Doulas

“Our family is so grateful to Thrive Mama for their support in our postpartum. When we realized our little one was struggling with eating and sleeping due to some breathing restrictions, we knew we needed some help making our day to day functional. Caity, a Thrive Mama postpartum doula, became a critical part of our family life rhythm as we journeyed through Matilda’s surgery and postpartum. She was a seamless addition to our home— assisting with dishes, meals, laundry, and playing with and loving on our kiddos. Thank you to Caity, Taryn, and Thrive Mama for helping bolster my family during a tricky season!”

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