The midwifery model of care is a wonderful fit for low risk families planning an out of hospital birth in home or birth center.

Women choose midwives for a variety of reasons, including:


  • To reduce the risk of unnecessary medical interventions.
  • To improve the labor and delivery experience.
  • To receive a high quality of care with thorough appointments and visits.
  • To lower the cost of birth.
  • To feel empowered to make decisions about health.


Interested families can schedule a free consultation with Dawn or Taryn for midwifery care.

Our Midwives

“Thrive Mama has been such an amazing resource for our growing family. We’ve always been given great recommendations for excellent care providers to meet all our needs.

Dawn Karlin and Taryn Goodwin helped bring our daughter into the world in August 2016. Our next baby is due in April 2018 and we’re excited to be repeat clients to Dawn and Taryn and add Jessi Vining to our birth team!

I’m so excited to see the new retail space grow too! I couldn’t imagine raising a family in Oklahoma without Thrive Mama Collective.”