We have experienced Certified Lactation Counselors, including a board certified lactation consultant that can customize lactation support for you to help you meet your feeding goals. Through education and individualized support either in our office or at your home, we can help you troubleshoot breastfeeding questions or concerns. Common concerns include:


  • Assistance learning to pump
  • Tracking baby’s growth
  • Is baby eating enough?
  • Safe milk handling and storage
  • Latching and attachment issues
  • and many more!


Also be sure to check out our Milk Moms meet up group for free community support. Check our schedule for one of our lactation classes to get expert advice before your baby arrives.

Our Lactation Providers

“My family LOVES Farah! She allowed me to gain the confidence I needed to continue breast feeding! After going through 4-5 lactation consultants before, not a single one has been as helpful and caring as her. I highly recommend her services! Thank you Farah!”

“I first met Jessica when I went to her breastfeeding basics class at Thrive Mama Collective. I took my husband with me and I was so impressed with her knowledge and effectiveness about preparing moms for breastfeeding. My husband even got a lot of good information out of the class (note to all future mamas: having your husband understanding even the basics of breastfeeding is incredibly helpful in those early days as you do not want to have to be “teaching” your husband about breastfeeding when you are in those exhausting days of newborn). Despite feeling pretty good about starting breastfeeding I had some latch difficulties and had Jessica do some home visits: a) it was wonderful already having a trusted person to turn to when I was struggling and b) she was so supportive and helpful.

There are so many “normal” parts of breastfeeding that seem to be missing from common knowledge about breastfeeding and it helps to have someone tell you about them and encourage you in your breastfeeding journey. Latch difficulties have since been worked out and breastfeeding is going great and I credit that in part to the support and coaching I got from Jessica.

She also helped me prepare for pumping as I have gone back to work and this is going well so far as well. At her encouragement I have attended some peer to peer support groups that she leads which has also been helpful. All in all you will be in excellent hands with Jessica!”