Kate Burns
Pospartum Doula

Kate is a DONA Trained Birth Doula as well as a Postpartum Doula certified in infant first aid and CPR. She is passionate about connecting mothers, fathers, and families to their innate ability to birth. It excites her to help families find the strength which is already within them, to overcome fear and obstacles. Birth has always been a beautiful, exciting, and empowering topic to her. Ever since giving birth to her firstborn in 2014, after not receiving the fullness of what birth can bring, it has been a passion of hers to help pave the path for others so they can achieve the gratification themselves. After experiencing a water home birth with her second child, she tapped into her natural ability and it changed her perspective forever.


Kate knows how vital birth support is to a mother and partner, to help call out the confidence they need to succeed. Her drive is to educate and inform all options, offer unbiased support, and to accompany before, during, and after labor which includes but is not limited to, aromatherapy, massage, and different comfort techniques. She is available for home, birth center, or hospital births. Her goal is to help mothers trust their bodies, trust their babies, and trust birth- taking fear out of the equation and leaving them feel an overwhelming peace and ultimately empowered.


In her free time she enjoys spending time with her amazing husband and two children, laughing, roller skating, writing spoken word poetry, and enjoying a cup of tea or coffee.