Jessica Cheatwood

Jessica Cheatwood
Board Certified Lactation Consultant
HypnoBirthing Certified Educator
Birth Doula

Jessica is the owner of The Oklahoma City Lactation Clinic and has served the Oklahoma City metro area with breastfeeding support for over 15 years. She is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), HypnoBirthing Certified Educator (HBCE), a Motherboard Birth Partner, and an experienced birth doula. Jessica provides support for families beginning in pregnancy through weaning. She has hosted support meetings in the community as a La Leche League Leader, a Baby Cafe USA facilitator, and with Thrive Mama Collective’s breastfeeding support group Milk Moms OKC. Jessica believes that prenatal education is the single most important step to understanding how birth and breastfeeding work.

Her passion for connecting with families around the time of birth stems from her own experiences in pregnancy and the births of her own four children. Each has brought immense heart and mind-opening experiences, uniquely their own journeys. She believes that birth is transformative, no matter the plans made or outcomes achieved. With education and support, she hopes to enhance her client’s birth experiences by offering her guidance that will help them to feel empowered and capable as they transition from pregnancy to parenthood.


In her free time, she loves playing music on both the ukulele and guitar, spending time with her husband and family on mini-day or weekend trips to stretch their legs, and attending local events around the metro.


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