Dawn Karlin

I began my journey into birth work after the birth of my twin boys. I really wanted a midwife for that pregnancy but I had a history of fast labor and the closest midwives to me were over an hour away. So I had a natural hospital birth and while the birth itself went well, the labor experience and postpartum experience was colored by grumpy, overworked nurses that had no time for me, my family, my unmedicated birth or my desire for a natural experience. The journey matters, the experience leaves an impression for a lifetime and after that birth experience, I began to question “why aren’t there more choices in childbirth for women in Oklahoma?” which eventually led to “I can do that, I can be the change that I want to see, I can be an option for better choices in childbirth in Oklahoma, particularly in western Oklahoma.” So I left the teaching profession and went back to school to become a midwife, a long journey to where I am today.


I live in Weatherford, Oklahoma which puts me about an hour and fifteen minutes from my Oklahoma City clinic location. My husband and I have nine children and one most adorable grandson and a beautiful granddaughter.


Dawn Karlin has worked in out of hospital birth midwifery since 2014. Dawn has worked closely with families helping their birth preferences become reality. She serves families for home birth.


To inquire about availability with Dawn, call her at: 1-405-306-4168 or book a consultation online below.