Meet Taryn! Taryn Goodwin is the owner and founder of The Thrive Mama Collective.

Throughout her pregnancies and births, Taryn developed an immense passion for all things related to pregnancy and birth. Taryn believes that pregnancy, birth and parenting are sacred times that deserve to be nurtured and respected. Taryn’s intention is to help clients identify their own birth wisdom and provide support and resources to help them have their ideal birth and postpartum experiences.

Taryn has been a Certified Birth Doula since 2009,  and is currently a Certified Midwifery Assistant and a Student Midwife, pursuing her undergraduate Science of Midwifery degree. Taryn has years of continuing education including training in Advanced Doula Skills, Birth Emergency Skills, Breastfeeding Educator Education, Non-Pharmacological Methods of Pain Relief in Labor, Advanced Women’s Herb and Aromatherapy Certification Course and Acupressure for Labor.

Taryn is grateful to have a husband supportive of her endeavors and two wonderful children. When Taryn isn’t working or studying, she enjoys traveling with her husband and two children, cooking or baking, and tending to her urban homestead, chickens and all.